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Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome is a form of acute lung injury and the primary mechanism of death due to COVID and the Flu. It is a common phenomena associated with critical care with out a current solution, occurring in approximately 10 percent of all patients admitted to hospital Intensive Care Units and 23 percent of all patients who are placed on mechanical ventilation. The annual incidence alone is over a quarter of million patients with a mortality rate of approximately 40 percent. There are also significant socioeconomic ramifications, as ARDS patients have an average stay in the hospital of 17 days, resulting in an annual cost of 9.7-10 billion dollars.


Vasomune Therapeutics has developed a novel drug candidate AV-001 for treatment of ARDS that addresses a critical driver of the syndrome, the accumulation of fluid in the lungs due to increased permeability of lung microvasculature. AV-001 interacts with a pathway, known as the Tie2/Angiopoietin signaling axis, thus promoting barrier integrity of endothelial cells, defending the lungs from vascular leakage.  This is well known pathway and the science behind the target is strong. AV-001 is a synthetic Angiopoietin-1 (Angpt1) mimetic, shown to activate the Tie2 receptor tyrosine kinase.  There is much preclinical data showing the efficacy of the agent.  They have completed currently GMP manufacturing and are performing pre-IND studies, expecting to start Phase 1 trials Summer 2020 in COVID-19 patients which would represent a major value inflection.  He is also considering pipeline widening through in-licensing technologies from Sunnybrook Hospital.


Douglas Hamilton

Mr. Hamilton was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of the company on October 1, 2018. Mr. Hamilton has over 25 years’ experience in the life-sciences industry with broad domain expertise including financial management, management consulting, venture capital, and R&D operations management. Previously he served as President, CEO and Director of MetaStat, a precision medicine oncology company. From 2012 to 2014 Mr. Hamilton served as CFO for SEA Medical Systems, a Silicon Valley health-tech company. In 2007, Mr. Hamilton founded and serves as Partner at New Biology Ventures, a life-sciences incubator accelerator and consulting firm. From 1999 to 2006, Mr. Hamilton served as CFO and COO for Javelin Pharmaceuticals, a commercial stage pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of a portfolio of acute pain medications. While at Javelin, Mr. Hamilton helped build a late stage product pipeline, took the company public, and raised over $82 million in financing. Prior to Javelin, Mr. Hamilton was the CFO and Director of Business Development for PolaRx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. At PolaRx he helped developed the orphan drug Trisenox®and co-led the $45.2 million merger with Cell Therapeutics (currently owned by Teva Pharmaceuticals). Mr. Hamilton served as Project Manager for the Vfend®and Zithromax®product teams at Pfizer, in addition to the Aranesp®, Epogen®, Stemgen®, MGDF, and Cell Therapy product development teams at Amgen. Prior to Amgen, Mr. Hamilton served in the sales and marketing group at Pharmacia Biotech (now GE Healthcare Life Sciences), and in the recombinant DNA vaccine research group at Connaught Laboratories (now Sanofi-Pasteur). Mr. Hamilton earned his honors Bachelor of Science degree from the Department of Medical Genetics at the University of Toronto and his MBA from the Ivey Business School at Western University.

Ghania Chikh

Dr. Chikh has over 21 years experience in drug development. She acquired her experience in both academic and biopharmaceutical/biotechnology settings. She served as a Senior Director of Pre-Clinical Research at EnGene Inc., managing development of a non-viral gene therapy for localized expression of immunomodulatory proteins in mucosal tissues for inflammatory diseases and cancer treatments. Prior to EnGene, Dr. Chikh worked as a senior member of the R&D team for Pfizer Inc., developing vaccines against infections, allergies, addictions and cancers. Several vaccine projects she was involved in have undergone clinical trials and are currently still ongoing. In addition to leading PoC and IND packages, Dr. Chikh was also managing biomarker and clinical assay development.

Before Pfizer, Dr. Chikh held positions at INEX Pharmaceuticals (currently Arbutus) and Coley Pharmaceuticals. She was also a Research Fellow at the BC Cancer Agency. Dr. Chikh obtained her PhD in Immunology/Biochemistry from France and conducted her PhD thesis on nanoparticle-based cancer vaccines at the Department of Experimental Therapeutics at the BC Cancer Agency. Dr. Chikh has published numerous manuscripts and has invented/co-invented various applications leading to several patents within the immunotherapy field.


  • Pre-market
  • Codevelopment strategic agreement with AnGes, Inc. (Japan)
  • Pre-clinical animal study complete with encouraging results against COVID analogies.



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The present invention provides a multimeric form of a Tie 2 binding peptide monomer, wherein the multimeric form has Tie 2 agonist activity. The multimeric form, preferably a tetramer, stimulates angiogenesis and promotes wound healing. The present invention also features pharmaceutical compositions comprising the multimeric Tie 2 agonists, including those suitable for topical or systemic administration. Methods of using the multimeric Tie 2 agonists of the invention for stimulating angiogenesis and for promoting healing of wounds, such as diabetic ulcers or skin grafts, are also provided.

Filing Status:

  • PCT/CA2007/ 001903 Oct. 26, 2007 U.S (issued) Canada Europe (allowed)


  • Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre


Go To Market Strategy

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Current Round

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