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Clean Energy in 2020

Will clean tech turn the corner in 2020? Many of us already think it has. Advancements in storage technology and solar panel construction are moving the industry along quickly. Many say the cost of solar is 20% of what it was 4 years ago.

The triumvirate of wind, water, and solar are generating record amounts of MW’s of power. Storage capacity is quickly making strides that will convert long-haul transportation and the promise of Hydrogen power is waiting in the wings. Exciting times…

Here is what some of the experts are saying:

BioPharma Trends for 2020

There is no shortage of prognostication for the pharma industry in 2020. Every pundit with a pen and a microscope has a take. Top of everyone’s mind is how the coming presidential election will change the face of the industry, should we move closer to regulator and fiscal controls that might rein in the prices of healthcare and pharma over time.

Will this be the year that sets the tone for revolutionary changes in biopharma or will it be more of the same? We will let these industry experts weigh in so you can form your own opinion.

Forbes Femtech Predictions

Far be it from us to buck a great trend. Looks like #Femtech (#womenwhocode #womenintech #womeninstem #momsintech) is a thing. Forbes laid down their vision in a great article highlighting 13 trends for 2020.

Granted there is a lot of discussion about the term, whether it denotes tech solutions for the feminine health industry or the broad concept of women in technology leadership positions, but honestly both definitions work and move the conversation forward.

Check out the Forbes article for their vision.

Forbes, “Femtech in 2019: 13 Trends And Highlights In Women’s Health Technology”

Trends in AI, 2020 and beyond.

The AI prognosticators are releasing their predictions for the world to come.  While we all know there is no stopping this trend, much of the discussions revolve around ethics, learned-behavior, and proper controls. AI will always be shrouded in the cloak of how much is too much, what level of trust and where in society should they be allowed to roam.

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